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Problem Statement:

Authenticity of claim

Data Privacy

Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning

Problem Statement:

Real - Time Delay Prediction

Medical Assistance via video conference (App)

  • Technology: SWIFT4, XCODE9, Wrapper style coding, REST API, ZOOM SDK video calling
  • Status: Beta Testing
  • Key Features: Emergency Medical Service at Hote

Project Name:

Flyer’s Assistance (Android/iOS

  • Technology: SWIFT4, XCODE9, Core JAVA, Wrapper style coding, MVC pattern, XML, REST API, Google SDK (MAP, nearby)
  • Status: Beta Testing

Project Name:

Claim Compensation Management System

  • Technology: : PHP, Angular JS, CSS, J query, Block-chain
  • Status: Live
  • Key Features: : The current system has automated the 80% of the claim compensation process from Generating a claim till settlement. Technology

Project Name:

Delay Prediction

  • Technology: PHP, Angular JS, CSS, J query, Artificial Inteligence, Deep Learning
  • Status: Under Development
  • Key Features: Portal for delay forecast, Insurance Package

Project Name: